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Food & Beverages

Tartans have been designed for favourite treats - beverages and signature foods.

Click any picture to navigate to the page of interest for more information about this tartan or its associated day.

Green Tea

Jan 12
Hot Tea Month

Cheese and Crackers

Jan 20
Cheese Day

Café au Lait

Feb 17
Café au Lait Day

By designer Carol A.L. Martin

Hint o' Mint

Feb 19
Chocolate Mint Day

The Green Fairy

Mar 5
Absinthe Day

Marmalade, My Toast is Calling

Mar 14
Marmalade Days

Black Forest Cake

Mar 28
Black Forest Cake Day

Irn Bru

May 6
Beverage Day

Tarbh Deargh (Red Bull)

May 6
Beverage Day

Coca Cola

May 8
Have a Coke Day

Scotch Whisky 1494

May 21
World Whisky Weekend

The Angel's Share

May 21
World Whisky Weekend

Cool as a Cucumber

May 30
Mint Julep Day

Blue Cheese

Jun 4
Cheese Day


Jun 11
Gin Day

Whiskey & Bourbon

Jun 14
Bourbon Day


Jun 18
Sushi Day

Blue Lemon Martini

Jun 19
Martini Day

Vanilla Cream Tea

Jun 26
Cream Tea Day

Blueberry Muffin

Jul 11
Muffin Day

Ice Cream

Jul 17
Ice Cream Day

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Scotch Whisky

Jul 27
Scotch Day

Champagne Celebration

Aug 4
Champagne Day

Milk and Cookies

Aug 4
Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

The Mead of Poetry

Aug 6
Mead Day


Aug 10
Afternoon Tea Week


Aug 21
Spumoni Day


Aug 24
Peach Pie Day


Sep 12
Blackberry Day

Chili Pepper

Sep 17
Spicy Food Day

Strong Brew

Oct 1
International Coffee Day

Berry Patch

Oct 10
Old Michaelmas

Oatmeal in a Blue Bowl

Oct 10
World Porridge Day


Oct 16
Liqueur Day

Arbroath Smokie

Oct 19
Seafood Day

Nuts and Bolts

Oct 22
Nutting Parties & Nutcrack Night

Tartan design by Carol A.L. Martin

Pumpkin Seeds

Oct 26
Pumpkin Day

Tartan design by Carol A.L. Martin

The Porter Drinkers

Nov 4
Stout Day

Smooth Merlot Blend

Nov 7
Merlot Day


Nov 8
Cappuccino Day


Nov 24
Cranberry Relish Day

Spice Apple

Dec 3
Apple Pie Day


Dec 14
Roasted Chestnut Day

English Breakfast

Dec 16
The Boston Tea Party (1773)