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Tartan Search, Identification, Finder & Designers

Here's the best on the web for finding out all you want to know about tartans - history, identification, design, and selection.  Scroll down or click on a menu selection below to find the best ways to search and identify tartans.

If you would like to own your own materials, check out a selection of books on tartan on our shopping resources page. 


Find a Tartan

(click on the picture)


Identify a Tartan

Got a tartan you can't identify?  Here's some things to try.


Design a Tartan

Got a an idea for a tartan?  Want to have a special design for your family name, an organization or cause.  Design your own and see it realized in print or woven to order.   Register it officially!


Adopt a Tartan

Want a tartan of your own?  Unclear if you have a historical connection? There are a set of universal tartans that everyone can wear.  For example, Most kilt rental agencies offer Black Watch and Flower of Scotland as universal tartans.

With the explosion of tartan design, there are more choices than ever.