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Tartan Designer Carol A.L. Martin

This site was inspired by a love of tartan and particularly, by the many beautiful, whimsical, and inspiring designs of tartan designer Carol A.L. Martin, some of which are featured on this site, along with the work of other modern designers and historical tartans.

With gratitude for her generous permission to display these designs on this site. 

Carol A. L. Martin began designing tartans in 2009 when new software made it possible to create original designs and register them online.


Carol is now the principal tartan designer, Expert Tartan Design Services, for D. C. Dalgliesh Artisan Tartan Weavers, Selkirk, Scotland. She has registered more than three dozen tartans in the Scottish Register of Tartans spanning the years 2009 through 2020.

Some of her notable designs are:

• the official Viceregal tartan, “Du Lion”, for the Office of the Governor General of
Canada in 2013
“Island Birth Surtsey” inspired by Surtsey, a volcanic island and UNESCO World
Heritage Site and accepted by the Government of Iceland in 2018 on behalf of the
people of Iceland
• corporate designs for the Canadian Section of the International College of Dentists
(2011), the Canadian Dental Association (2011), and the Alberta Dental Association
and College
• twenty registered designs representing Iceland’s landscapes, flora and fauna which
are available in a printed and e-book on Amazon worldwide, “Icelandic Tartans, A
Confluence of Past and Present”

“Shackleton’s Endurance” (2019), commemorating the intrepid Antarctic explorer,
Ernest Shackleton
• winner of a tartan design competition to create an official tartan for the Monarchist
League of Canada (2021)

Carol lives with her husband and German Shepherd dog in the foothills of the Rocky
Mountains in Northern Alberta, Canada.

Following is just a small sampling of the designs of Carol A.L. Martin.  Note that all the tartans on this site are displayed within the context of an artistic association with a day of the calendar year which is a special conceit of this entertainment website and not necessarily related to the designer's original intention or inspiration.


Click the pictures for more information.

"My Dear Watson ... Elementary"

May 22

Sherlock Holmes Day

A Christmas Wish

Dec 25

Christmas Day

Amethyst Mine

Feb 12

February's Birthstone

Apple Tree

Oct 21

Apple Day


Mar 31

Spring Aurora Watch

Berry Patch

Oct 10

Old Michaelmas

Black Forest Cake

Jan 27

Chocolate Cake Day

Black Raven

Jan 29

Nevermore Night

Blue Lemon Martini

Jun 19

Martini Day

Blue Moon (Summer)

Aug 30

Summer Blue Moon (2023)


Mar 14

Pi Day

After the Thunderstorm

Apr 3

Find a Rainbow Day

Antique Gold

Jan 6

Twelfth Night or Epiphany

Arctic Tundra

Jun 17

Iceland's National Day

Aurora Borealis

Sep 30

Fall Aurora Watch

Black Cat

Oct 27

Black Cat Night

Black Hole

Nov 24

Black Hole Friday


Sep 12

Blackberry Day

Blue Lobster, Orange Lobster

Sep 25

Lobster Day

Blue Whale

Feb 20

World Whale Day

5000 Pink Flamingos

Jun 23

Pink Flamingo Day

Alice in Wonderland Tartan Collection

Jul 4

Alice in Wonderland Day

Apple Blossom

Apr 17

Apple Blossom Days

Atlantic Puffin

May 15

Puffin Watching Season

Be My Valentine

Feb 14

Valentine's Day Season

Black Forest

Jun 21

Cuckoo Warning Day

Black Magic

Oct 28

Witches' Night Out

Blue Cheese

Jun 4

Cheese Day

Blue Moon (Hallowe'en)

Aug 22

Hallowe'en Blue Moon (2021)

Blueberry Muffin

Jul 11

Muffin Day

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