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Enjoy the vintage seasonal postcards, specialty tartan collection and a bit of mood music!

Mood Music?

Enjoy this special selection of tartans!   

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 within the calendar year of tartans


Click any picture below for more details

 within the calendar year of tartans

Bird of Paradise

Bird Day
Jan 5

The birds-of-paradise are mostly found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia.

Golden Pheasant

Bird Day
Jan 5

This tartan uses a composite of shades in many varieties of the golden pheasant.


Bird Day
Jan 5

By designer Carol A.L. Martin, this tartan represents the Gyrfalcon, the national bird of Iceland. It is the largest and most powerful falcon in the world, and its plumage varies from white to grey to almost black.

Oshidori (Mandarin Duck)

Bird Day
Jan 5

Black Raven

Nevermore Day
Jan 29

Designed for the raven (Latin name Corvus), one of the designer's favourite birds. Ravens are big, intelligent blue-black birds which often sit on top of a pole or high up in a tree and make particularly strange noises.

The Common Blackbird

Merla Days
Jan 30


Groundhog Day
Feb 2

From the designer: "If the sun comes out on a clear blue morning, the Groundhog will see his shadow. Again, the darker "shadow" portion is asymmetrical as if light is shining on the lines from the left hand side. The turquoise seemed to go with the bright yellow and reminded me of a warm Caribbean vacation, which I am sure many people on the East Coast may be dreaming of right now."

Colours of Hope

World Cancer Day
Feb 4

Mountain Grosbeak

Feed the Birds Day
Feb 4


Western Monarch Day
Feb 5

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Indiana Cardinal

Valentine Bird Day
Feb 13

In 1933, the Indiana General Assembly chose the cardinal to be the state bird of Indiana. Also known as the redbird, the cardinal is the state bird of seven states: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.