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 within the calendar year of tartans


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 within the calendar year of tartans

Bird of Paradise

Bird Day
Jan 5

The birds-of-paradise are mostly found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia.

Golden Pheasant

Bird Day
Jan 5

This tartan uses a composite of shades in many varieties of the golden pheasant.


Bird Day
Jan 5

By designer Carol A.L. Martin, this tartan represents the Gyrfalcon, the national bird of Iceland. It is the largest and most powerful falcon in the world, and its plumage varies from white to grey to almost black.

Mountain Grosbeak

Bird Day
Jan 5

Oshidori (Mandarin Duck)

Bird Day
Jan 5

Black Raven

Nevermore Day
Jan 29

Designed for the raven (Latin name Corvus), one of the designer's favourite birds. Ravens are big, intelligent blue-black birds which often sit on top of a pole or high up in a tree and make particularly strange noises.

The Common Blackbird

Merla Days
Jan 30


Groundhog Day
Feb 2

From the designer: "If the sun comes out on a clear blue morning, the Groundhog will see his shadow. Again, the darker "shadow" portion is asymmetrical as if light is shining on the lines from the left hand side. The turquoise seemed to go with the bright yellow and reminded me of a warm Caribbean vacation, which I am sure many people on the East Coast may be dreaming of right now."

Colours of Hope

World Cancer Day
Feb 4


Western Monarch Day
Feb 5

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Indiana Cardinal

Valentine Bird Day
Feb 13

In 1933, the Indiana General Assembly chose the cardinal to be the state bird of Indiana. Also known as the redbird, the cardinal is the state bird of seven states: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.

Blue Whale

World Whale Day
Feb 20

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Polar Bear

Polar Bear Day
Feb 27

by designer Carol A.L. Martin


World Wildlife Day
Mar 3

by designer Carol A.. Martin this tartan uses the camouflage colours of the baby fawn.

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl Return Season
Mar 6

Artistic representation of the beautiful Snowy Owl. This design reflects the designer's love of birds, snow and Northern Canada.

Edinburgh Zoo Panda

Panda Day
Mar 16

Created to celebrate the arrival of a breeding pair of pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. The main colours of the tartan are black and white, directly representing the Panda’s. Grey shades have been added to soften the tartan as well as to convey the gradation of colour from black to white, as seen on the Panda’s fur. The red represents China as the pandas are their gift. Green has also been included to represent the pandas' favourite food, bamboo.

Old Frog (Frog Day)

World Frog Day
Mar 20

by designer Carol A.L. Martin


African Animal Day
Apr 3

Produced to celebrate the Springbok (antidorcas marsupialis), a swift and graceful gazelle of Africa, this animal gets its common name from its characteristic jumping display - 'pronk' in Afrikaans, meaning to boast or show off. The many different shades of green resemble the fertile veld of South Africa where the Springbok grazes. The Springbok itself was the inspiration for the centre of the sett, focussing on its beautiful lustrous eyes and the white patch on its back.

Atlantic Puffin

Puffin Watching Season
Apr 28

Atlantic puffin, a small and colourful bird sometimes known as the "clown of the sea" or the "sea parrot" found along the coastlines of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Australian Heavy Horse

Heavy Horse Day
Apr 30

Designed, firstly for the Clydesdale breed and then further extended to include all heavy work horse breeds in Australia, in recognition of the heavy horses in the establishment of agriculture in Australia and the revival of their use in the new millennium. The main colours of the tartan represent the breed of heavy horses. The dark grey and black also represents the use of horses in industry, with green for Australian agriculture and brown for the ploughed fields.


Wild Koala Day
May 3

by designers F J & M W Lawson


Leopard Day
May 3

by designer Carol A.L. Martin


Capercaillie Lekking Season
May 7

The colours in this tartan reflect the beautiful plumage of the male Capercaillie.

Australian Donkey

Donkey Day
May 8

Requested by Australian donkey breeders to recognise all breeds of donkeys and to commemorate their assistance with man throughout history. Released 4th October 2006, the Feast of St Francis, patron Saint of animals, and also adopted as patron Saint of donkeys.


Bee Day
May 20

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

5000 Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingo Day
Jun 23

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Blackburn Appalachian

World Snake Day
Jul 16

Designed for the Blackburn family throughout the Appalachian region, the colours black, yellow and scarlet represent the coral snake, one of the dangers faced by generations of Blackburns, living in and migrating through green wilderness in the New World.


Guinea Pig Day
Jul 16

by designer McSprea - a Glen Plaid variation on the Guinea Pigs for Deborah tartan

Guinea Pigs for Deborah

Guinea Pig Day
Jul 16

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Common Loon

Loon Days
Jul 23

by designer Carol A.L. Martin, this tartan evokes the intricate patterns and colours of the common loon

Luna Moth

Moth Days
Jul 24

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Year of the Tiger

Tiger Day
Jul 29

This tartan, created for The Year of the Tiger in 2010, represents the designers view of the colours of the tiger "white and gold with black stripes and yellow eyes. - Oh, and lots of sharp 'teeth'". ​

Iona the Ragdoll

Cat Day
Aug 8

Scottish Wildcat

Scottish Wildcat Day
Aug 8

The sales of this tartan are intended to benefit habitat reservation and conservation efforts to help preserve the cats. .

Pink Elephant

World Elephant Day
Aug 12

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Timber Wolf

Wolf Day
Aug 13

Tartan design by Carol A.L. Martin

All Breeds Dairy Goats

Goat Day
Aug 21

A tartan to represent dairy goats of the world

Little Brown Bat (Bat Night)

Bat Night
Aug 27

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Peacock Feathers

Peacock Day
Sep 24

by designer Carol A.L. Martin

Blue Lobster, Orange Lobster

Lobster Day
Sep 25

by designer Carol A.L. Martin