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Uh oh, now she's blogging!

Updated: May 1, 2019

Girl Sleeping, also known as The Plaid Skirt - Richard Edward Miller, American (1875-1943)

Apart from guinea pigs and elephants, dancing and gardening, I have a bit of a textile obsession. You guessed it, it's tartan! And though I haven't quite gone off the rails in my house decorating, there is a fair bit of tartan lurking in closets, on the walls, and amongst my knickknacks. Still, my eye catches any tartan going by, on the street, on the catwalk, in dance class ... .

Here's to indulging a passion for a pattern that just makes me happy to look at for all those right angles. And we all need something like that in our lives. So if I wax rhapsodic on tartan, tartan, and more tartan ... my only excuse is well ... I DREAM IN TARTAN.

Do I need professional help? Maybe! But only if I can lie on a tartan couch in my Pendleton skirt and explain to the nice doctor, no doubt sporting a respectable Glen Plaid, as he urges me to talk about when this obsession began ... "You see, doctor, it all started with that Nancy Drew book, "The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes" ... .

So take coffee break with me (in tartan mug, of course) and check out what's been catching my eye lately.

Tastefully yours in tartan,

The Tartan Contessa

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