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Tartan Mania


Tartans, they're not just for clothing anymore!


Take a tour of tartan love gone wild, from use in inanimate objects to meticulous body painting.  And although people seem to  either love or hate bagpipes, many people have an absolute passion for tartan.  


Learn the difference between plain old plaid and tartan's closest relatives.


Click on the picture in the categories  below to learn more, and prepare your eyes for a tartan fantasy (or nightmare), depending on your sensibilities.

Click one of the pictures below for the category of interest.

Tartan's Near Relatives (and pretenders)


Tartan versus plaid, the difference between gingham and tattersall ... .

Become a tartan snob with a little knowledge.

Machine without Horses


In a world full of silver and gray, get the attention of your traffic police with a tartan vehicle!

Mad for Plaid (Animal Style)


Believe it or not, some of these are not computer generated. 

Fun and Games

Test your knowledge of the warp and the weft with games and quizes.

Good for the digestion?


Eat, drink, and be merry?   Slainte!

Tartanerotica? Plaid Romance!


Romance novels definitely capitalizing on a fabric with a lot more potential for making hearts flutter than most textiles. 


After all, you don't find too many bodice-rippers with the word "Seersucker" in the title.


See what enthusiasm for today's Scottish bodice-ripping genre hath wrought in terms of novel titles.   


Cover art only.   

When Plaid Goes Bad!


There actually can be too much of a good thing.   Prepare yourself.

Search and Design


A roundup of the best of the web for searching  a mystery tartan or designing one of your own for fun or a special occasion.


With today's design tools, a tartan you design can be created in various fabrics by several different weaving houses.



Designers who had a special affinity for tartan, and those who should have left well enough alone.



Fashionable in the 19th century and much collected today, tartanware and Mauchlineware took advantage of new techniques in paper printing and launched a whole new type of souvenir for the masses.

Tartan and Beauty


Personalizing the warp and the woof!

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