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Tartan Fashion


Don't have scottish heritage?  Want a tartan to call your own, no worries!


Want something ore personalized, have relatives from a distict, region, another country.   The Scots disapora has left scottish influences all through the world.  Here are some tartans related to other countries, causes, etc ... that are available for purchase and right now.


Ellis Isalnd - immigrant ancestors in the US, USA, black watch, royal stewartTartan in clothing and fashion has undergone multiple revival periods and assumed different cultural associations and personalities.   From heritage-wear or symbol of nationalist movements, to the punk fashion signaling of the last century, to a favored textile muse for haute-couture, its striking patterns and colours never fail to inspire, and always catch the eye.

With the onset of the digital age, we are living in an intense creative period for personalized tartan and its use in creative design.


During the early 1800s when Scottish regiments on the European continent piqued local interest in Scottish tartan and the kilt to Queen Victoria's passion for "the simple life of the Scottish Highlander," sparking a Scottish revival in the arts, tartan has never been and will never be out of fashion.


Tartan History

Beyond the traditional historical clan, regional and military affiliations, today there are tartans designed for countries, counties, states and provinces, corporations, businesses, schools and sports teams, commemorative and historical events or personages.   Today, there is a historical or modern tartan for everyone.



Historical patterns for military or royal associations, Highland clans and historical association, regional or district affiliations, there is a historical or modern tartan for everyone.

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