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Entered Confederation
June 13, 1898

The Yukon Tartan Act was passed in 1984 and this tartan, designed in 1965 by Janet Couture of Faro, was fully accredited as the official provincial tartan. Faro is a tiny village of 400 population situated in the 'overwhelming wilderness of the Campbell Region' in country where 'in winter, ice bridges replace ferries.' The symbolism of the colours has been lyrically described: 'The crystalline blue background represents Yukon's sparkling, glacier-fed waters and its clear mountain skies. Magenta reflects the colours of the Yukon's floral emblem, the firewood of late summer. Green is symbolic of Yukon's great expanses of wilderness forest and purple symbolises the majestic thrust of mountains into the northern sky. White represents the purity of the winter snow that crowns the peaks and blankets the alpine meadows. The yellow represents the long, soft evenings of the midnight sun and the Yukon's famous deposits of gold.' The tartan was recorded by the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh in October 1984. A Yukon Tartan Act was passed by the Yukon Legislature on November 29, 1984.

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