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Je me souviens "I remember"

Plaid du Quebec

Entered Confederation
July 1, 1867

The French speaking province of Quebec is Canada's largest province and its name comes from the Algonquin Indian 'Kebe' meaning 'the place where the river narrows' which referred to the narrowing of the St Lawrence River near what is now Quebec City. Scottish immigrants first settled in Quebec over 400 years ago and are regarded as one of the founding peoples of the province. Although the Quebec tartan has never been officially adopted, the concept of an annual Tartan Day on April 6th has, so perhaps it's only a matter of time. The designers of the Plaid du Quebec circa 1965 are recorded as Rotex Limited, believed to be a clothing manufacturer. The structure and colours of the tartan are based on the three horizontal divisions of the provincial shield.

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