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Prince Edward Island
state seal

Parva Sub Ingenti "The small under the protection of the great"

Prince Edward Island

Entered Confederation
July 1, 1873

Close to and once part of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island lies just north of its old 'parent' in the huge Gulf of St. Lawrence. Originally called St John's Island, its name was changed in 1798 in honour of Queen Victoria's father, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent who, at the time, was in command of the British Forces in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With its population predominantly of Scottish extraction it's not surprising that an official tartan design competition was held in 1960 which was won by Mrs Jean Reid of Covehead, York. The colours she chose were described as follows: 'Red for the warmth and glow of the fertile soil, green for the field and tree, yellow and brown for Autumn and white for the surf or a summer snow.

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