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Nunavut Sanginivut (in Inuktitut) "Nunavut, our strength"


Entered Confederation
April 1, 1999

Though Nunavut does not yet have an officially recognised tartan, this tartan is one of two extant designs celebrating this most northernmost of Canada's territories. This Tartan was organised through Burnetts & Struth of Canada (Lochcarron) in celebration of the founding of the Territory of Nunavut . Nunavut means 'our land' in Inuktitut, one of the 4 official languages of Nunavut. It is the largest and newest territory of Canada and was officially separated from the Northwest Territories in April 1st 1999. The capital of Nunavut is Iqaluit which is located in the Qikiqtaaluk region. The population of Nunavut is 32,000 (approx) which is spread over one fifth of Canada’s land mass. This blue-dominated pattern pays homage to the tundra, the sky, the snow and the sun.

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