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Nova Scotia
state seal

Munit Haec et Altera Vincit "One defends and the other conquers"

Nova Scotia (Province)

Entered Confederation
July 1, 1867

The Atlantic province of Nova Scotia, New Scotland, was first mentioned in 1621 on a land charter. This is the oldest Provincial tartan in Canada and was designed in 1953 almost by accident. Mrs Bessie Murray was President of the Halifax Weavers' Guild and designed a trade display on sheep rearing. In it, a shepherd wore a tartan and to avoid showing favouritism she designed a completely new one that proved to be so popular that in 1963 it was adopted as the official provincial tartan. The colours represent the blue of the sea and sky; the dark and light greens of the evergreens and deciduous trees; the white of the rocks and coastline surf; the gold of Nova Scotia's Royal Charter and the red from the lion rampant on the Province's crest.

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