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New Brunswick
state seal

Spem Reduxit "Hope was restored"

New Brunswick

Entered Confederation
July 1, 1867

Named in honour of King George III, who was from the House of Brunswick, this Atlantic seaboard province acquired its own official tartan in 1959. Designed Loomcrofters, Gagetown, the colours are forest green for the lumbering; meadow green for agriculture; blue for the coastal and inland waters and an interweaving of gold, symbol of the province's potential wealth. The red blocks signify the loyalty and devotion of the early loyalist settlers and the New Brunswick Regiment. The brown band possibly commemorates the 'beaver' from Lord Beaverbrook, the press baron who commissioned the first weaving. Although not born there, he published his first newspaper in the Province at the age of 13 and always regarded it as home.

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