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1930s Fashion

See below for a collection of vintage images showing the influence of Scottish tartan patterns, on the fashionable set, in the 1930s.

The glamour of the 1920s did not completely disappear after the Great Depression.


Women wore dresses and kept their hair close to their head. Fur was in and so were floral patterns. Makeup was chic and shoulder pads were very important until the late 1930s.

Although hats were still popular for women, they were gradually becoming less popular.

The Collection

1934 Fashion

1934 Fashion

American Vogue cover by Anton Bruehl, January 1, 1934

1939 Fashion

1939 Fashion

May 15th, 1939 cover of Vogue, model Helen Bennett wears a veiled hat, with plaid blouse and pocketbook by John Frederics, photo by Horst

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