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Beautiful Eyes Day

"On Cessnock banks a lassie dwells,
Could I describe her shape and mien;
Our lasses a' she far excels -
An' she has twa sparkling, roguish een! "

~ Robert Burns, The Lass of Cessnock Banks, 1780

Today, "the eyes have it"! This tartan embodies the colourful sparkle in a winking eye of beautiful brown! Chances are, your eyes are one of following common colour categories: Amber, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hazel, and Violet (with the rarest colours being green, violet, amber, and hazel)! However, some individuals have a diversity of eye colour either in a single eye or between individual eyes, a difference in the coloration of the iris known as heterochromia iridum, which can be strikingly beautiful! Regardless of colour, should you be tempted to wink, note that single or double winks can have widely varying meanings in different cultures: from friendly conspiracy, to expressing sympathy, solidarity and encouragement, or to indicate a flirtatious interest! So whether your roguish eyes are of the common colour, an uncommon hue, a mix, or even a striking tartan (courtesy of specialty contact lenses) may your day be full of good cheer! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more! 👁️ 😉 😜

Jul 12

As a companion tartan for today's highlighting of overall diversity in eye color and also the not uncommon heterochromia iridum (a difference in color of the iris of the eye), which can be seen in animals or humans, we have the playful "Wink" tartan.


By designer Carol A.L. Martin, this tartan embodies the colourful sparkle in a winking eye, whatever color.

A wink is an informal mode of non-verbal communication usually signaling shared hidden knowledge or intent, or to indicate that something should not be taken seriously.

In various cultures, single or double winks can have widely varying meanings, from friendly conspiracy,  to express sympathy, solidarity and encouragement, and in some cultures to indicate sexual interest or a flirtatious manner, during momentary eye contact. 

Not all humans are able to wink voluntarily, and some can only wink one (usually the non-dominant) eye. Others are far better at winking one eye and find it awkward to wink the other.

For more on the variation of meanings of the wink amongst different cultures and countries, click the tartan eye!

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