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Road Trip Day

"🎶 I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
'Cross the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Of travel, I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere."

~ I've Been Everywhere, Geoff Mack, 1959

If you're a kilted traveler who "gets your kicks on Route 66" or simply thrills to the scenery on the route from Edinburgh/Glasgow to Glencoe, you will appreciate the lure of the open road as embodied in this tartan's colourways: Black represents asphalt and tarmac; the yellow stripes represent double yellow lines, likewise the red ones; while the white lines represent the lines in the center of the road and the green, the verges, lay-bys and turnouts. For those of us with wanderlust but unable to hit the open road today, there's an impressive catalog of "road songs" dedicated to highways, avenues, boulevards and famous routes. The song "I've Been Everywhere" popularized by Johnny Cash and others was originally written by Australian Geoff Mack and now has country-specific versions for the US/Canada, Western Australia, New Zealand, Texas and others, all of which have a tongue-twisting list of regional towns and cities in the famous and fun middle verses. The UK and Ireland version includes four verses (!) including the following one. If you know the tune, give it a try. 🖤 🤍 💛 ❤️ 💚 🚦 🛣️

"🎶 I've been to Farnborough, Edinburgh, Peterborough, Felixstowe,
Middlesbrough, Loughborough, Scarborough, Walthamstow,
Blackburn, Lisburn, Bannockburn, Derry,
Wicklow, Glasgow, Hounslow, Tipperary,
Hempstead, Wanstead, Banstead, Woodstock,
Bass Rock, Bell Rock, Tilbury Dockwith ...
I've been everywhere!"

Some of the most scenic open roads in the world include:

  1.  Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

  2. Stelvio Pass, Italy

  3. Overseas Highway, Florida

  4. Karakoram Highway, China to Pakistan

  5. US Route 66

  6. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

  7. Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

  8. Scenic Byway 163, Arizona and Utah, U.S.

  9. Ruta 40, Argentina

  10. Trollstigen, Norway

  11. Great Ocean Road, Australia

  12. Million Dollar Highway, Colorado, U.S.

  13. Autobahn, Germany

  14. Hana Highway, Hawaii, U.S.

  15. Rohtang Pass, India

  16. Pacific Coast Highway

  17. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

  18. Furka Pass, Switzerland

  19. Tianmen Mountain Winding Road, China

Designed by Loll Golding, this tartan designed for people travelling and moving about on the roads. Colours: black represents tarmac; the yellow stripes represent double yellow lines, likewise the red ones; the white lines represent the lines in the centre of the road and the green line represents verges and lay-bys.

For more famous open and scenic roads in Scotland, click the road!

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