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The Broons Family Christmas

"Scotland's Happy Family That Makes Every Family Happy!"

Do you recognize the characters from this long-running comic strip, first appearing in 1936?! The Broons is a weekly feature of The Sunday Post, featuring the everyday trials, tribulations, and triumphs of Maw, Paw, Granpaw, Hen, Joe, Horace, Daphne, Maggie, the twins, and the Bairn, who all live in a tenement flat at 10 Glebe Street in the fictional Scottish town of Auchenshoogle. Since its inception, The Broons have had their own much collected biennial issue, a favourite gift for Christmas, alternating each year with Oor Wullie. The Broons own a small cottage, called the But 'n Ben, somewhere in the Highlands but within a relatively short distance of their home where they enjoy weekends away. This recently designed tartan takes its colours from the family's impressive fictional lineage, beginning with the arrival of Le Bruns in Britain during the Norman conquest, through their early move to MacGregor country, where they acquired the nickname "Broons." 😀

The family surname Broon is the Scots for Standard English "Brown," as indicated by the nameplate that occasionally appears on the front door of their flat. Also, when a family member is addressed by a non-Scot (i.e. an Englishman or an American), he or she is addressed as Mister or Miss Brown.

Apart from the family humour, fans appreciate the portrayal of traditional celebrations, activities, and foods!   Recipe books have been published including: Maw Broon’s Cookbook (D.C. Thomson 2007) and Maw Broon’s But An’ Ben Cookbook (D.C. Thomson 2008) detailing directions to make Maw's famous ‘stovies’, ‘porridge’,  ‘orange marmalade’, and more. 

Designed in 2011 by Brian Wilton (along with a companion tartan for the sister comic stric Oor Wullie), The Broons tartan details the fictional family's impressive lineage:

"The Broons' forebears Le Bruns arrived in Britain with the Norman Conquest in 1066. They overthrew their leige lord and moved to Scotland in an act known as Le Broon Coup and settled in the land of the MacGregors who called them 'Broons'. Led by the famous Red MacGregor they became expert dealers in pre-owned cattle. A by-product of the family cow business was fertiliser so a cousin, Capability Broon, became quite a famous gardener. His brother, Incapability Broon was more famous in beer gardens. This new tartan takes the brown from their famous name, the green from the wild clan country, the red and gold from the shield of the Duchy of Normandy, their distant Gallic cousins. The black line signifies their illustrated exploits that have appeared in The Sunday Post for 75 years. Keeping the blood link with their distant Gallic cousins are the red and gold from the Duchy of Normandy heraldic shield."

For a look at the changes in the comic strip style and presentation throughout the last 80 years, click the Broon family!

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