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St Brioc's Day

"O holy Brioc, Enlightener of the lands of Wales and Brittany:
with miracles thou didst preach Christ in thy life,
and in death thy fragrance proclaimed thy glory.
Pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved."

~ Troparion of St Brioc, Tone 1

Saint Brioc was a 5th-century Welsh holy man who became the first abbot of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany and is reckoned as one of the seven founder saints of Brittany. Some histories state that he came from Ceredigion, Wales, received his education in Ireland ,and then spent time at Rothesay on the Isle of Bute in Scotland, where a church (now the Church of St. Mary in Rothesay) was dedicated to him. He died in his own monastery at St. Brieuc-des-Vaux and was interred in his cathedral church, dedicated to St. Stephen. In old age, Saint Brioc is said to have been travelling in a cart, singing hymns together with a group of monks walking alongside, when suddenly they were surrounded by a pack of wolves. His companions fled, but Brioc confronted the beasts fearlessly with the sign of the cross offered in benediction and they knelt before him humbly. Because of the legends regarding his great charity, Brioc is considered the patron of purse-makers. 🐺👛

Saint Brioc (Breton: Brieg; Welsh: Briog; Cornish: Breock; French: Brieuc; died c. 502) was a 5th-century Welsh holy man who became the first abbot of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany.   He is one of the seven founder saints of Brittany.  His feast day is May 1st. 

The Cornish chieftain Conan is said to have requested that Brioc baptise him after having witnessed Brioc sit calmly amongst a pack of wolves when reciting psalms. The wolves moved away as if strangely calmed by their meeting. He was known for his charitable works and generous nature, hence he is the patron saint of pursemakers.

The town of St. Brieux in Saskatchewan, Canada is named after Saint-Brieuc of Brittany. It was founded by immigrants from this region and settled in the early 1900s.

Created by designer Olivier Pisniak, this tartan combines the various colours representing: 


"Blue is for Saint Brioc, one of the seven founder saints of Brittany said to have wolves bow down before him; grey is for the Eurasian wolf (Cani lupus lupus); tan is for Armorica, the name given in ancient times to the part of Gaul that includes the Brittany peninsula and the territory between the Seine and Loire rivers, extending inland to an indeterminate point and down the Atlantic coast; and white is for the seven founder saints of Brittany."

To learn more about Saint Brioc himself, click the cathedral.

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