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Mensa Day

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." ~ Albert Einstein

Although Mensa may be the most well known of the high IQ societies, claiming to accept those in the 98th percentile on admissions test (with IQs between 130-132), the most exclusive Giga Society, has admission criteria requiring scores in the 99.999999th percentile, with IQs of at least 196!

From Wikipedia:

"Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. It is a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardised, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test.  Mensa formally comprises national groups and the umbrella organisation Mensa International, with a registered office in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, England (which is separate from the British Mensa office in Wolverhampton).


The word mensa is Latin for "table", as is symbolised in the organisation's logo, and was chosen to demonstrate the round-table nature of the organisation; the coming together of equals."

Well ... 


This tartan was designed for Mensa Scotland to celebrate their 70th anniversary using the company's associated promotional colours. 

Should your intelligence quotient exceed the standards of Mensa, you might inquire into membership of the following societies:

  1. Intertel - the top 1 percent of IQs

  2. Top One Percent Society - as titled

  3. Infinity International Society - the top 0.37 percent

  4. Cerebrals Society - the top 0.3 percent

  5. CIVIQ Society - the top 0.13 percent

  6. Triple Nine Society - the top 0.1 percent

  7. Prometheus Society - the top 0.0003 percent

  8. Epimetheus Society - the top .0003 percent

  9. Mega Society - the top .0001 percent

  10. Giga Society - the top .0000001 percent

If you think you might qualify for the most exclusive of these, the Giga Society, click the Mensa logo for more information.

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