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Donald Duck's Birthday

"I made my money by being tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties! And I made it square!"

~ Scrooge McDuck

Pinch those pennies, Uncle Scrooge! Donald Fauntleroy Duck, created in 1934 by Walt Disney Productions, is a mischievous and temperamental character. He belongs to Clan McDuck, along with his wealthy and thrifty Scottish uncle, Scrooge McDuck, a business magnate who debuted in 1947 and is said to be wealthy to the tune of "one multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents"! Clan McDuck boasts a detailed genealogy and its own official tartan, along with several cartoon versions. According to family lore, Sir Quackly MacDuich (1010-1057) was the clan chief when King Macbeth was killed in 1057. That same year, Macbeth offered Quackly a treasure chest for his support in the ongoing power struggles. Quackly accepted and served the king bravely, but his obsession with the treasure led him to trap himself inside the castle walls with it. Legend has it that his ghost still haunts the castle, ever watchful over the treasure! The seat of Clan McDuck is McDuck Castle, located in the fictional Dismal Downs, somewhere in Rannoch Moor! 💰 💰 💰 🦆 🏰

Donald Duck first appeared in the June 9th 1934 cartoon The Wise Little Hen,  part of the Silly Symphonies series of theatrical cartoon shorts. The film's release is officially recognized by the Walt Disney Company as Donald's birthday.

Modeled after Charles Dickens' character of  Ebenezer Scrooge, Scrooge McDuck is a wealthy and thrifty Scottish business magnate and tycoon. He is the maternal uncle of Donald Duck, the grand-uncle of Huey, Dewey and Louie, and a usual financial backer of Gyro Gearloose.   Scrooge McDuck (and therefore Donald) has his own official tartan (and several cartoon unofficial versions).

The Clan McDuck is a fictional Scottish clan of cartoon ducks from which Disney character Scrooge McDuck is descended. Within the Donald Duck universe, the clan is related to the American Duck family through the marriage of Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck, the parents of Donald Duck. The seat of Clan McDuck is McDuck Castle (alternately called Castle McDuck) which is located in Dismal Downs, somewhere in Rannoch Moor, a non-fictional location within Scotland. The nearest village is the fictional MacDuich.

In 1942, five years before the creation of Scrooge McDuck as a character, the Disney corporation created and registered a yellow, red, and green tartan pattern called "MacDuck Final Version" and used it to sell war bonds during World War II. Subsequent versions have been designed for comics and cartoon characters but not officially registered.

Historically, Donald Duck's Scottish lineage is very distinguished:


Sir Quackly McDuck (1010-1057; Scottish Gaelic: Quackly MacDuich) was clan chief when King Macbeth was killed in 1057. That same year, Macbeth offered Quackly a treasure chest in exchange for his support in the ongoing war for the throne. Quackly agreed and served the king during the war, but became obsessed with protecting the treasure, eventually trapping himself inside the castle walls with it. Quackly and his treasure became a McDuck legend, and it is believed that his ghost continues to protect the treasure and the castle.

In 1877, Quackly's ghost saves a young Scrooge McDuck from the Whiskervilles of Dismal Downs. Without revealing his true identity, he suggests to Scrooge that he travel to America and work for his Uncle Pothole, thus serving as the catalyst for all of Scrooge's adventures. 

For the complete genealogy, click the kilted McDuck!

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