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Click the tartan to view its entry in The Scottish Registers of Tartans which includes registration details, restrictions, and registrant information.


Unregistered tartans may link to one of the web's online design environments for similar information.


For any questions about reproduction of designs or weaving of these tartans, please contact the registrant directly or via this website.

St. Patrick's Day

Tourism companies commissioned well-known artists of the day to create images for their pictorial posters.


Belfast artist Paul Henry’s poster scenes became the iconic, almost quintessential, images of Ireland, and some images, including View of Connemara (1926) and Lough Derg (1927), became best sellers.


The largest Irish railway company, Great Southern Railways, used these posters in the 1920s popular tourist locations such as Glendalough, Killarney and Connemara.

For a collection of vintage travel posters designed to encourage visits to the homeland, click the vintage poster, commissioned by CIE Tours.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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