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St. Patrick's Day

"…the Irish Nation cherishes its special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity and heritage."

~ Constitution of Ireland - Article 2

Happy St. Patrick's Day celebrations to all! They say that everyone's a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day, a wink and a nod to the pervasiveness of Irish culture and community around the globe, making it a day of music and dance, fun and festivities for everyone! This tartan tribute acknowledges the legacy of language, music, food, storytelling, and other inherited cultural traditions of the Irish Diaspora, the result of historical emigration, especially during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Countries with notable Irish populations include:

United States: The U.S. has the largest number of people of Irish descent outside Ireland. The Irish influence is particularly strong in cities like Boston, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

United Kingdom: Especially in Great Britain, with significant populations in Liverpool, Manchester, London, and Glasgow in Scotland, reflecting historical migration.

Canada: Many Irish immigrants settled in Canada, particularly in Newfoundland, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

Australia: Australia has a substantial Irish community, with many Irish immigrants arriving during the 19th century Gold Rush and as convicts before that.

New Zealand: Similar to Australia, New Zealand attracted Irish settlers looking for new opportunities.

Argentina: Argentina has the fifth-largest Irish community in the world, with a significant number of Irish immigrants arriving in the 19th century.

South Africa: Irish people settled in South Africa over various periods, contributing to various sectors of society.

This beautiful tartan referencing the "40 shades of green" of the Irish landscape and a nod to o St. Patrick's Blue is interwoven with central stripes which incorporate the colours of the Republic of Ireland flag. Ireland Forever! 🌈 🍀 🍀 🇮🇪 💚 💙 💛 💚 🧡

Since the 1700s,  between 9 and 10 million people born in Ireland have emigrated. This is more than the population of Ireland at its historical peak in the 1840s of 8.5 million. 

The poorest of them went to Great Britain, especially Liverpool; those who could afford it went further, including almost 5 million to the United States.

Other major destinations were Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina.

This assymetric tartan was designed by Erica Randall of The House of Edgar in Perth for all those of Irish descent at home in Ireland and around the world. The central stripes incorporate the colours of the Republic of Ireland flag.

For a short video animation showing the emigration, part of the Epic Ireland Digital Museum, click the world map!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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