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For any questions about reproduction of designs or weaving of these tartans, please contact the registrant directly or via this website.

Dentist, Teeth, and Root Canal Appreciation Day

"And never bite your dentist’s hand
When he works inside your head.
Your dentist is your teeth’s best friend.
Bite carrot sticks instead!"

~ The Tooth Book, Dr. Seuss, 1981

Dentists rejoice! There's an antidote tartan for the extant fizzy and sugary Coca Cola and Irn Bru beverage tartans! Should you be bedeviled by tooth problems, this tartan may be a welcome inspiration for both your teeth and your hard-working dentist! Containing a visual "tooth" pun in the houndstooth pattern, this tartan was designed to recognize progress in modern dentistry and the many humanitarian projects funded by the International College of Dentists, established 1927. Don't forget to floss in both a warp-ly and weft-ish direction as instructed! 🦷😬🪥

Root Canal Appreciation Day can be honored by acknowledging the dental specialists who relieve tooth pain and take care of smiles, and by celebrating the resilience of our teeth and their enduring ability to keep on chewing and smiling.

From the official register:

The International College of Dentists (ICD) is a worldwide honorary dental organisation established in 1927. Fellowship is by invitation only and recognises the professional achievements and service of individual dentists. The ICD is dedicated to the progress of dentistry and it funds many humanitarian projects throughout the world. Colours: the green and gold in this tartan are the colours of the ICD and the "houndstooth" portion is made up of 15 lines to represent the 15 sections of the College. The Canadian Section is the first section to have its own tartan. The tartan will be woven and made into items such as bow-ties and sashes, and worn at the annual convocation.

This tartan has been woven in both silk and wool and is also available in a Dress version with "pearly whites" accents and is made into many items that are sold each year to fund dental missions to many parts of the world that are in need.  Visit the DC Dalgliesh Tartan Mill to see the selection!

For more on the history of tooth superstitions, click the happy tooth!

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