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Astrology Day

“I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.”

~ Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008)

Hey Baby, what's your sign? International Astrology Day is celebrated during the Vernal Equinox by astrologers and enthusiasts everywhere to mark the beginning of the astrological year! Astrologically speaking, your Sun sign is supposed to dictate your overarching zodiac personality, while your Moon sign is said to inform your emotions, or your inner mood. Though most moon folklore is associated with the full moon, for today's crescent moon, to ensure good luck for the rest of the month, if it's your first lunar glance, take all your spare coins out of your pocket, and put them in the other pocket. If you no longer carry change, any token will do. And if you were born under a waning crescent such as today, you may "feel attuned to psychic experiences and dreamy, otherworldly dimensions." Well, there you have it! ♌♈♍♎♉♊♋♓♏♒♑♐⛎🌙

Can the Moon change your luck?  Apart from astrological implications, many regional superstitions attribute various meanings to the moon's influence in daily life. 


Full moons have the most associated folklore, though crescent moons also figure in lunar influence over humans and animals in many cultures.


  • It is lucky to expose your newborn to the waxing Moon. It will give the baby strength.

  • And it’s also lucky to move into a new house during the new Moon; prosperity will increase as the Moon waxes.

  • It is lucky to see the first sliver of a new Moon “clear of the brush,” or unencumbered by foliage.

  • Every wonder why people keep rabbit feet? It is lucky … especially if the rabbit was killed in a cemetery by a cross-eyed person at the dark of the Moon.

  • It is lucky to hold a moonstone in your mouth at the full Moon; it will reveal the future.

  • It is lucky to have a full Moon on the “Moon day” (Monday).



  • It is unlucky to have a full Moon on Sunday.

  • It is unlucky to see the first sliver of a new Moon through a window; you’ll break a dish.

  • And it’s certainly unlucky to sleep in the moonlight, or worse, be born in the moonlight!

  • It is unlucky to point at the new Moon or view any Moon over your shoulder.

  • It is unlucky to see “the old Moon in the arms of the new” or the faint image of the full disk while the new crescent Moon is illuminated, especially if you’re a sailor. Storms are predicted.

This tartan, designed by Carol A. Martin, was inspired by a beautiful crescent moon in July of 2015.

To learn more about your moon phase personality, click the crescent moon!

You can visit   to calculate the phase of the moon at the time your birth.

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