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World Ranger Day

"Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires"

~ Smokey the Bear, 1947

With gratitude and admiration to all who are working to preserve and protect our forests and ensure the safety of visitors to our parks and forests ... Forest Rangers are the guardians of the wilderness and often work long hours in extreme conditions, tending to plant and animal management and conservation, resource protection, search and rescue, and of course, fire prevention, management and suppression. Designed for Leonard 'Shep' Shepherd, Ceres (Stanislaus County), California, a Battalion Chief of the California Department of Forestry, this tartan is imbued with the rich colors of California's forests. One of California's many natural wonders is its beautiful forests of giant sequoias. Some of the largest surviving giant sequoia groves can be found in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Giant Sequoia National Monument, Calaveras Big Trees State Park and Yosemite National Park. Sequoiadendron giganteum is the world's most massive tree and can live to be over 3000 years old! With incredibly thick bark, giant sequoias not only can survive forest fires, they require them. When a sequoia grove catches fire, the heat opens up cones on the forest floor and releases the seeds inside. The blaze eats up any brush or deadwood that’s accumulated on the ground while leaving behind nutrient-rich ash in which the saplings can flourish. 🌲

World Ranger Day celebrates the sacrifice and important work done by Rangers all over the world.  

Designed for Leonard 'Shep' Shepherd, Ceres (Stanislaus County), California, a Battalion Chief of the California Department of Forestry, this tartan is imbued with the rich colors of California's forests.

One of California's natural wonders is its beautiful forests of giant sequoias.

Sequoiadendron giganteum (giant sequoia, giant redwood, Sierra redwood, Sierran redwood, or Wellingtonia) is the sole living species in the genus Sequoiadendron, and one of three species of coniferous trees known as redwoods.The name of this tree is taken from Sequoyah (1767–1843), the inventor of the Cherokee syllabary.

Giant sequoias are the world's largest single trees, the largest living things by volume, and are among the oldest living things on earth.  The oldest known giant sequoia, based on ring count, is 3,500 years old.

The natural distribution of giant sequoias is restricted to a limited area of the western Sierra NevadaCalifornia. They occur in scattered groves, with a total of 68 groves, comprising a total area of only 35,620 acres.

John Muir, the Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States whose activism helped to preserve the Yosemite ValleySequoia National Park and other wilderness areas, wrote of the species in about 1870:

"Do behold the King in his glory, King Sequoia! Behold! Behold! seems all I can say. Some time ago I left all for Sequoia and have been and am at his feet, fasting and praying for light, for is he not the greatest light in the woods, in the world? Where are such columns of sunshine, tangible, accessible, terrestrialized?"

For an list of the biggest named Sequoias along with a gallery of photos, click the trees!

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