See below for a collection of vintage images showing the influence of Scottish tartan patterns on the fashionable set in this period.

1960s Fashion prior to the British invasion in 1964 was a continuation of the late 1950s with cool, conservative refined styles that were the essence of the Camelot years of Jackie Kennedy.  But with the Beatles came fashion influences not strictly from Paris or Milan but from now from “swinging” London. Mary Quant in London from her boutique store hit upon the winning combinations and created the demand for the mini skirt and "mod" fashion leading right into the beginning of counterculture hippie style based on non-conformity, with bright colors, psychedelic patterns, tie-dye, and pop art motifs. 

The Collection



Mad for Plaid in July 1965? Here's three looks to keep you in fashion. Bobbie Brooks 3, Seventeen Magazine July 1965, with model Colleen Corby

Officially registered tartan graphics on this site courtesy of The Scottish Tartans Authority.  Other tartans from talented tartan artists may also be featured.

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9 out of 10 kilt wearers agree - this is almost as thrilling as a good

tartaned kilt flip when going regimental! 

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