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The Joker
Scrooge McDuck
Australian Donkey
The Titanic
The Wombles
Red Rum Racehorse
Aliens Colonial Marines
K9 from Doctor Who

Recognize any of these?  They all have an official tartan dedicated to them!   Click for more!

You may be familiar with the traditional Scottish patterned fabric, sometimes (erroneously) referred to as "plaid."


Historically, tartans have been associated with the Highland Clans of Scotland, military regiments, and the royal family.


Here are some classics that many people recognize: 


There are many inspiring, whimsical, and downright weird entries that have made it into the official register of Scottish tartans.  Learn the difference between tartan, plaid, and close cousins.  
View creative, cruel, and unusual uses of tartan!

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Or check out the
Curious and Unusual Tartans Index or 
Birthday Tartan Calendar 
to find out if there is a tartan associated with a special or calendar day or event on your birthday!   
Both official tartans and unofficial tartans from talented designers are represented in the Birthday Tartans Pictorial Gallery of the calendar year. 

We hope you enjoy this site which was inspired by a love of tartan design.

For additional entertainments, click the Tartan Contessa below to visit companion sites.


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