The Volunteer State

"Agriculture and Commerce"

Tennessee State

State Birthday
June 1, 1796

The project to name an official state tartan for the State of Tennessee was spearheaded by members and officers of the Heart of Tennessee Scottish Celebration. In acknowledgment of Tennessee’s Scottish heritage, Chapter 82 of the Public Acts of the 101st General Assembly in 1999 designated the state of Tennessee’s official state tartan as the design adopted by the Heart of Tennessee Scottish Celebration in conjunction with all the other Scottish Societies in Tennessee. The design is a symmetrical tartan set, using the following colors: natural white, dark green, purple, red, and dark blue. The colors represent: Green for Agriculture; Blue for the Smoky Mountains; Purple for the State Flower, the Iris; Red for Sacrifices of Veterans & Pioneers of the Volunteer State; and White to symbolize the 3 Grand Divisions of the State of Tennessee.