The Beaver State

"Alis volat propriis" (She flies with her own wings)

State of Oregon

State Birthday
February 14, 1859

Designed in 2002 by Robert Harding MacGregor of Oregon Highland Services, this tartan was adopted at the 72nd Oregon Legislative Assembly, by Senate Joint Resolution 31 plus a letter from State Governor Theodore R Kulongoski dated April 12th 2003. In 2017 it was officially voted into state law as the official tartan of Oregon. Colours represent: Blue from the Oregon state flag and its rivers and ocean. Gold from the flag and also to represent the various agricultural regions. White is for the snow-capped mountains. Taupe (light brown) is for the high desert and grasslands. Azure is for the streams, creeks, wetlands, shallow lakes and the wide sweep of the Oregon skies. And black represents the obsidian buttes (hills of volcanic glass).