New Mexico
The Land of Enchantment

"Crescit eundo" (It grows as it goes)

State of New Mexico

State Birthday
January 6, 1912

The official state tartan for New Mexico which was designed in 1995 by Ralph L Stevenson and included in his petition for the first US 'Tartan Day'. On 26th May 2003 Rebecca Vigil-Giron, Secretary of State for the State of New Mexico, confirmed that this is the official state tartan. Woven by NGSI Woolen Mills of New Mexico. The history of the State of New Mexico Tartan began in 1995 when a wide cross section of New Mexico citizens with Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Manx, Spanish (Galician) Celtic ancestry, and Native American backgrounds gave their opinions and suggestions. The final design was created by Ralph L. Stevenson, Jr., a New Mexico citizen of Scottish descent, and woven by Jean Jones, a former Santa Fe textile artist who now resides in Asheville, North Carolina. The State Library was chosen as the permanent home for the display because of former Governor Garrey E. Carruthers' support of the New Mexico Tartan, his Scottish descent, and the naming of the library building after him approximately two years ago. Four colors are woven into the State of New Mexico Tartan: Blue for the All Encompassing Sky, Green for the State's Plant Life and Forests, Red for the Original Cultural Providers, and Gold for the Minerals and Desert.