The Hawkeye State

"Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain"


State Birthday
December 28, 1846

Iowa has a rich history of Scottish influence in the founding of towns, cities, and counties; and that history is reflected in place names and celebrations throughout Iowa. Iowans of Scottish & Scots-Irish descent have shown leadership in the fields of science, industry, literature, politics, exploration, & conservation. The Iowa Scottish Heritage Society desired to give to the people of Iowa a tartan that symbolizes the state. Blue for the sky, rivers & lakes. Green for the fields our farmers plant. Black for the rich soil for which we are blessed. White for the snow we get. Red for the barns and the state flower the wild rose. Brown (Tan) for the earth. Yellow for corn and the state bird the Goldfinch. Adopted by the State of Iowa General Assembly, House resolution No 149 by Heaton & Whitaker (undated).