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Jan 2
January's Birthstone

Apple Tea

Jan 17
Apple Wassail Night (Old Twelvey Night)

One of a range of designs for Sazaby League ICL Company's Afternoon Tea brand, this design evokes the sweet-sour scent and bright red colour of apple tea.

Burns Check

Jan 25
Burns Night


Jan 25
Up Helly Aa

Rabbie Burns

Jan 25
Burns Night

Rabbie's Dram

Jan 25
Burns Night

Red Dragon

Jan 25
Chinese New Year (2024)

Red Red Rose

Jan 25
Burns Night & Chinese New Year (Jan 25, 2020)

Robert Burns Legacy

Jan 25
Burns Night

Year of the Rat

Jan 25
Chinese New Year (Jan 25, 2020)

My Zebra Wears Ribbons

Jan 31
Zebra Day

24th World Scout Jamboree

Feb 7
Scout's Day

Domino's Scotland

Feb 9
Pizza Day

Let it Snow!

Feb 9
Snowflake Day

Milk Tea

Feb 11
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Queen Mary RMS

Feb 12
Scots Festival (Queen Mary)

Designed for the famous Royal Mail Ship(RMS) preserved at Long Beach California. The ship acts as a centre for Scottish Festivals, Games etc.

Wine Cellar

Feb 18
Wine Day

Cub Scouts of America

Feb 22
Scout's Day

Scottish Scouts (1922)

Feb 22
Scout's Day

Old Frog (Leap Year)

Feb 29
Frog Legs Day (Leap Year 2020)


Mar 4
Waltz Day

Cornish National

Mar 5
St. Piran's Day


Mar 8
International Women's Day

Piper to the Laird of Grant

Mar 10
International Bagpipes Day

World Wide Web 30th Anniversary

Mar 12
the Creation of the Internet

Tartan in Bronze

Mar 15
the Ides of March

Volcano (Icelandic)

Mar 20
Eyjafjallajökull Eruption

Forest Floor

Mar 21
World Forest Day

York Puppet

Mar 21
Puppetry Day

Island Birth Surtsey

Mar 22
New Worlds Day

Smoke and Mirrors

Mar 29
Smoke and Mirrors Day

Soft Rainbow

Apr 3
Find a Rainbow Day

Scotland's Grace

Apr 4
Chase a Rainbow Day

Declaration of Arbroath 7th Centennial Anniversary

Apr 6
the Declaration of Arbroath 1320

Declaration of Scottish Independence, Arbroath 1320

Apr 6
Tartan Day

Hands Across the Sea - North America

Apr 6
Tartan Day

"A sudden thought strikes me; let us swear eternal friendship." ~ John Hookam Frere (1769-1846)

New York Tartan Day Parade

Apr 9
New York Tartan Day Parade


Apr 16
the Battle of Culloden

Ellis Island

Apr 17
Ellis Island Day

Witches' Blood (Shakespeare Day)

Apr 23
Talk Like Shakespeare Day

MacHatters of the Old Pueblo

Apr 25
Red Hat Day

Red Hat Purple Thistle

Apr 25
Red Hat Day

Tamer of Wolves

May 1
St Brioc's Day

A Mother's Flower Garden

May 8
Mother's Day