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Multibus E Gentibus Vires "From many peoples strength"


Entered Confederation
September 1, 1905

Designed in 1961 by Mrs F.L. Bastedo, wife of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. Lord Lyon Book - LCB13 on 6th October 1961 but thread count there showing some odd numbers of threads. Sample in Scottish Tartans Authority's Johnston Collection. The last of the three prairie provinces, Saskatchewan is half forest and half farmland and has over 100,000 lakes, rivers and marshes. The origin of its name is a real tongue-twister from the Cree Indian for 'swift-flowing river' referring to the Saskatchewan River - Kisiskatchwani Sipi. The tartan was designed in 1961 by Mrs F.L. Bastedo, wife of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan and has seven colours -the predominant gold representing prairie wheat; brown for the summerfallow*; green for the forests; red for the provincial flower, the Western prairie lily; yellow for rapeseed flower and sun flower; white for snow; and black for oil and coal. * Summerfallow is a practice used to conserve soil moisture and consists of leaving land fallow over a growing season, keeping it free of vegetation for 18-20 months. It has been used in the Canadian Prairies for over a century.

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