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the Battle of Bannockburn

The King Robert the Bruce Memorial
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Bruce Addresses His Troops
Cassell's History of England
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Robert I (11 July 1274 – 7 June 1329), popularly known as Robert the Bruce became King of Scotland in 1306. Revered as a national hero in Scotland he reigned as King of Scots until his death in 1329.


Robert led Scotland during the First War of Scottish Independence against England and fought successfully to regain Scotland's place as an independent country.

At one point Robert the Bruce was forced into hiding after Edward I of England invaded.


There is a famous legend that when his spirits were at a particularly low point Robert took refuge in a cave. There, he watched as a spider tried over and over again to build her web before eventually succeeding.


This is said to have inspired Robert to carry on the fight for independence, and after the death of Edward I in 1307, he went on to defeat Edward II's forces at Battle of Bannockburn on 24 June 1314.


This was a significant Scottish victory in the First War of Scottish Independence. The part that a humble spider played in this landmark in Scottish history remains the stuff of legend.

For more on this legend and the locales in Scotland which claim to be the cave in which he sought refuge, click the illustration of Bruce addressing his troops from Cassell's History of England.

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