May 6

Beverage Day

Tarbh Deargh (Red Bull)
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Red Bull
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"Red Bull Gives You Wings"

~ Red Bull Slogan

Love it or hate it, Red Bull is ubiquitous.

Red Bull is an energy drink created by an Austrian company in 1987. Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink in the world, with 6.790 billion cans sold in a year (as of 2018)!

Depending on the country Red Bull contains caffeinetaurineB vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12) and simple sugars (sucrose and glucose) in a buffer solution of carbonated waterbaking soda and magnesium carbonate.


Red Bull's advertising blurb reads as follows: Red Bull is a non-alcoholic drink with key ingredients, which have a proven revitalising effect on mind and body. It has been developed as an energiser especially for periods of mental and physical exertion and can therefore be drunk on virtually unlimited occasions: during sports, at work and in leisure activities. The Red Bull effect results from a combination of two natural substances and vital metabolic transmitters - the amino acids taurine and glucuronolactone - with stimulating caffeine, vitamins and carbohydrates.

This tartan utilizes the corporate colours of the packaging.

For more about this controversial drink, click the cans!

Officially registered tartan graphics on this site courtesy of The Scottish Tartans Authority.  Other tartans from talented tartan artists may also be featured.

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