Jul 21

International Busking Day

Street Performers (Busking Day)
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This tartan is dedicated to the street performers, and anyone who performs in public spaces for voluntary donations, around the world. The idea was conceived by street performer Kate Mior in conjunction with the Busking Project. The international community themselves agreed on which colours would best represent their culture; black and red are the primary colours, symbolising traditional colours of street theatre costuming; the red also nods to the performer's creative passion and fearlessness; gold represents good fortune and heavy hats in donations; and grey and white were chosen to represent the pavement on which performers do their shows. The grey threads number 24, symbolising how, at any given time of day, a street performer is entertaining an audience somewhere in the world. The adjacent black blocks are comprised of 100 threads, one for each performance perceived busking wisdom suggests are needed to be proficient.

Officially registered tartan graphics on this site courtesy of The Scottish Tartans Authority.  Other tartans from talented tartan artists may also be featured.

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