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The Red Thistle Dancers' 500th Performance (2019)

"500 red thistles for 500 performances!"

Founded in 1973 in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Red Thistle Dancers are a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing and performing the country and highland dances and music of Scotland. In the year 2019, The Red Thistle Dancers marked a 500th performance!

Nov 17

Red Thistle Dress
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500 Red Thistles!
A mosaic of 500 thistles informed by the Red Thistle Dress Tartan
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This tartan was designed by author of this website who is both an admirer of and performer with The Red Thistle Dancers.

This day marks the anniversary of the founding of The Red Thistle Dancers in 1973 with a dress variation of the original Red Thistle tartan in commemoration of the 500th performance of The Red Thistle Dancers which took place in 2019.

Official Registry Notes: Designed as a tribute to The Red Thistle Dancers, a Scottish Country and Highland Dance performance group based in the San Francisco Bay Area, who take as their namesake, the California native red thistle.


The dress (thistledown) version of the Red Thistle tartan was designed to commemorate the 500th performance of The Red Thistle Dancers in 2019. ,


The Red Thistle Dancers, founded in 1973, are a Scottish Country & Highland Dance and Music Performance group based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The colors in this design were inspired by the namesake red thistle flower (Cirsium occidentale and Cirsium arizonicum), species native to California.

  • Tamarillo - For the dark reds of the California red thistle species

  • Orange White - For the thistledown of the red thistle flower as it transitions to its mature stage

  • Parchment - representing the Scroll of Honour for achievement by all the Directors of The Red thistle Dancers

  • Brick Red - For the true reds of the California red thistle species

  • Crimson - For the deep crimsons of the California red thistle species

  • Nobel Grey - For recognition of and achievement represented by all members of The Red Thistle Dancers and Musicians past and present


This tartan is based on the California State tartan, birthplace of The Red Thistle Dancers in 1973

For a gallery of more red thistle species, visit the website of The Red Thistle Dancers  by clicking the thistle!