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Debut of Rupert Bear

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Rupert Bear
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Are you a Follower of Rupert Bear?

Six years older than Winnie The Pooh and eight years older than Mickey Mouse, the famous white bear is the longest-running children's comic character in the world. Created by artist Mary Tourtel, he started life in the Daily Express on 8 November, 1920, and lives in the village of Nutwood with his friends, Bill Badger, Algy Pug, Podgy Pig and Edward Trunk, an elephant.

Rupert Bear is a children's comic strip character originally created by the English artist Mary Tourtel, first appearing in the Daily Express newspaper on the 8th of November, 1920.   

The comic strip was published daily in the Daily Express, with many of these stories later being printed in books.   Every year since 1936,  a Rupert annual has also been released. 


Rupert Bear has become a well-known character in children's culture in the United Kingdom, with several television series based on the character.

Rupert is a bear who lives with his parents in a house in Nutwood, a fictional idyllic English village. He wears a red sweater and bright yellow checked trousers, with matching yellow scarf. Originally depicted as a brown bear, his colour changed to white to save on printing costs (though he remained brown on the covers of the annuals).

The character also has a large fan following, The Followers of Rupert.  To visit their fan page, click Rupert!

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