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New York Tartan Day Parade

In 1998 the U.S. Senate declared April 6 to be National Tartan Day to recognize the contributions made by Scottish-Americans to the United States. In 1999, two pipe bands and a small but enthusiastic group of Scottish Americans marched from the British Consulate to the UN -  first Parade! Since then, the parade has grown to include hundreds of pipers, thousands of marchers and many more thousands cheering from the sidelines.

From the register: The centrepiece of this vibrant tartan is the Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue, Manhattan) host to the annual Tartan Day Parade in America's largest city. The six-lane avenue is bordered by green for the city's many trees and parks and the white lines on maritime blue represent the three organisations who inaugurated the parade, the St Andrew's Society of New York State, the Caledonian Club of New York and the American Scottish Foundation founded in 1756, 1856 and 1956 respectively (the numeral coincidence of 56 being recorded in threads in the small blue square). Finally, the colours of three important flags are represented in the asymmetric design: the blue, white and orange of New York city's own flag; the red, white and blue of the Star Spangled Banner; and the blue and white of the Scottish Saltire. The design and the first fabric woven were donated by the Scottish Tartans Authority in appreciation of the long-serving volunteers who make this annual event possible. 

Some of the Grand Marshalls in the past for this parade include:

  • 1999 Cliff Robertson – Academy Award-winning Actor

  • 2002 Sir Sean Connery – Academy Award-winning Actor

  • 2005 Randall Wallace – Academy Award-nominated Screenwriter of “Braveheart”

  • 2006 Brigadier Melville Jameson – Producer, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (1994-2006)

  • 2007 Rt.Hon. George Reid – Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament (2003-2007)

  • 2008 Lawrence Tynes – Kicker for the New York Giants, Super Bowls XLII and XLVI

  • 2009 Alan Cumming, OBE – Tony Award-winning Actor

  • 2010 Rt. Hon. Sir Alex Fergusson – Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament (2007-2011)

  • 2011 Rt. Hon. Bob Winter – Lord Provost of Glasgow (2007-2012)

  • 2012 Brian Cox, CBE – Actor

  • 2013 Kevin McKidd – Actor and Director

  • 2014 Howie Nicholsby – Kilt Designer, 21st Century Kilts

  • 2015 Graham McTavish – Actor

  • 2015 Co-Grand Marshal Tricia Marwick – Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament (2011-2016)

  • 2016 Sam Heughan – Actor

  • 2017 Tommy Flanagan – Actor

  • 2018 KT Tunstall – Musician

For more on this special parade, click the commemorative pin from 2018.