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Feb 19

Chocolate Mint Day

Hint o' Mint
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"It is the destiny of mint to be crushed." ~ Waverley Lewis Root (1903-1982)

Mint chocolate is a perfect and popular pairing of flavours, whether by the addition of peppermint, spearmint, or crème de menthe (made from Corsican mint) to plain chocolate. Long known for their healthful qualities, the mint family (which includes basil, thyme, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, marjoram, and oregano) has a long history of medicinal use. In the Middle Ages, mint family aromatics were used as strewing herbs in households during times of sickness and plague to combat ‘evil humours' and 'bad air.' The legend of the Four Thieves - four brothers who set to work robbing graves during the Bubonic Plague - purportedly used a blend of mint family herbs (and garlic) to protect themselves from infection, giving rise to many formulas made from similar ingredients which exist in modern forms even today.

By designer Carol A.L. Martin, and inspired by a chocolate mint, this tartan explores the colour depth of chocolate flavours, with just a "hint o' mint."

Mint chocolate  is a popular pairing of flavours, made by adding peppermint, spearmint, or crème de menthe to plain chocolate.


Chocolate and mint can be found in a wide variety of edible products such as candy, mints, cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, hot chocolate, and others. In addition, it is marketed in a non-edible form as a beauty product or scent for candles.

For a history of the mint in sweets, click the sweets!