May 29

World Otter Day

Eurasian Otter (Dòbhran Eurasian)
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Eurasian Otter
photo: Nic Davies/Robert Harding
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"It is utterly, notterly, possibly true
that my otter you’ll find at your local zoo.
My otter is totally, otterly wild,
I’m afraid you may never see him, my child."

~ Wild Otter, Joanna Marple

Amongst other famous literary otters (such as Kenneth Grahame's "Otter" from The Wind in the Willows and Henry Williamson's "Tarka") including those who made it to the silver screen, one species of otter has even has been immortalized in zoological nomenclature! Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli - an Iraqi subspecies of a smooth-coated otter - is named for Scottish author and naturalist Gavin Maxwell, who chronicled his time on the west coast of Scotland with his wild otter "Mijbil" in his 1960 book, Ring of Bright Water, later released as a film of the same name in 1969.

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